share of profits

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2 million from its share of profits in the last decade from those it leased out 80 acres of land in the Lake View Park.
m The CNH will award the production-sharing contracts based on which companies offer the biggest share of profits to the government via a weighted formula that also includes an investment commitment.
The company's total income grew much faster than total revenue, leading to a surge in net profitability and despite slippages in its share of profits of associates.
Global Banking News-August 15, 2012--Philippine central bank wants to reduce share of profits it pays to government(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
This payment has fully extinguished the ESOT's borrowings and, with it, the airline group's obligation to pay any further share of profits to the trust.
CO-OPERATIVE customers are in line for a summer bonus as the consumer-owned business pays out a total share of profits dividend of pounds 300,000 to its members across North Wales.
JEDDAH: A court in Jeddah ordered a Saudi car distributor to pay SR95 million to a local businesswoman as her share of profits for investments in the car dealership 30 years ago, according to a court source yesterday.
The share of profits dividend is based on points customers earn whenmembers trade at any of the group's businesses.
The top payment in the region is pounds 512, under the consumer-owned Co-operative Group's new share of profits scheme which rewards members for their custom, with payouts twice a year.
Around two million members will receive a share of profits based on their level of trading with the group's range of businesses, which stretch from food retailing and funerals to banking, insurance and pharmacy services.
The proposed regulations apply to SE tax on a member's share of profits.