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A portion or part of something that may be divided into components, such as a sum of money. A unit of stock that represents ownership in a corporation.


n. 1) a portion of a benefit from a trust, estate, claim or business usually in equal division (or a specifically stated fraction) with others ("to my three daughters, in equal shares"). 2) a portion of ownership interest in a corporation, represented by a stock certificate stating the number of shares of an issue of the corporation's stock.

SHARE. A portion of anything. Sometimes shares are equal, at other times they are unequal.
     2. In companies and corporations the whole of the capital stock is usually divided into equal proportions called shares. Shares in public companies have sometimes been held to be real estate, but most usually they are considered as personal property. Wordsw. Jo. Sto. Co. ch. 1 P, p. 288. 3. The proportion which descends to one of several children from his ancestor, is called a share. The term share and share alike, signifies in equal proportions. See Perpart.

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The most common cluster architecture today is a "shared nothing" cluster, which means that the systems in the cluster do not share memory or concurrent access to data on the common storage.
* Union catalog of resources--management of an electronic shared bibliographic catalog either through online and shared telecommunications or via CD-ROM catalogs
In addition, the increasing costs of the lending and borrowing process itself has caused many institutions to increase their lending charges, thereby limiting access to the "shared sckolarly record" and imposing more costs on the "have not" institutions and their constituencies.
A large portion of a municipal budget is allocated to the school budget, so by the very nature of fiscal cooperation, shared service facilities inherently are beneficial, but such an intra-municipal approach has failed because of a lack of communication and a solid, working relationship between the board of education, departments and the municipality itself.
If you decide you no longer want the workbook to be shared, uncheck Allow changes by more than one user at the same time on the Editing tab of the Share Workbook dialog box (exhibit 1).
In a shared environment, all devices in a system are involved in each transaction.
"This feature and the investment aspect of variable life were keys to why shared ownership made sense at the time we were developing it and why it still does," he said.
In addition, the district director will not make an allocation based on such divergence if the difference is due to an extraordinary event, beyond the control of the participants, that could not have reasonably been anticipated at the time costs were shared. If there is a significant divergence not due to an unforeseeable event, the district director may use actual benefits to allocate costs.
A shared data cluster requires shared volume and file system software that can ensure the file system integrity when multiple nodes access that data concurrently.
Clearly partners in a cooperative collection development enterprise must feel a shared sense that cooperation will provide benefits to each of them, and that there is a compelling reason to put resources into such an effort.
In addition, a network administrator must be able to maintain all the shared software and assign access rights and passwords to users.
[section] 1.482-2(g)(2)(ii)(A) provides that "[u]nder appropriate circumstances," anticipated benefits may be measured by reference to anticipated units of production, anticipated sales revenue, anticipated gross or net profit, or any other measure that reasonably predicts the benefits to be shared by the participants.