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shared decision making. Journal of Renal Care, 41(2), 81-87.
A better training provided to medical personnel in shared decision making, as well as the initiative of patients to request information about their illness could result not only in improving the psychiatrist-patient communication but also in achieving better adherence to treatment and greater satisfaction with specialized care (Young, Bell, Epstein, Feldman & Kravitz, 2008).
Hamann J, Leucht S, Kissling W (2003) Shared decision making in psychiatry.
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics encourage shared decision making (SDM) to improve the quality of children's mental health care (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2012; Center for Mental Health Services, 2010).
The theoretical preference for shared decision making is rooted in it being patient-centered, and more importantly, evidence based.
Clinical lead for the national Shared Decision Making Programme, Dr Steven Laitner, (pictured) a practicing GP, said: "Evidence suggests that patients don't always know that they have a choice, but when they are involved in decisions about their treatment, their experience, satisfaction and outcomes improve.
Toward this end, the treatment component of the program is built on shared decision making. In this regard, the CPS members of the treatment team are mission-critical.
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The Making Good Decisions in Collaboration (Magic) programme will explore how clinicians can engage patients in shared decision making, and how this may be embedded into mainstream health services.
Framework for teaching and learning informed shared decision making. BMJ 1999; 319:766-77.
Weinstein founded the Center for Shared Decision Making to give patients the tools necessary, to make informed choices about their care, and incorporating their preferences and values in clinical treatment and diagnostic decisions.