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Regulators on a global level require market participants to make disclosures when they accumulate a substantial shareholding in an entity, invest in a protected industry, become involved in a takeover bid or engage in short selling.
While it was mandatory to obtain exact shareholding of all the firms in the joint venture at the pre-qualification stage so as to ensure award of contract to an eligible joint venture, 'the suspect in connivance with the members of the joint venture and others accepted a memorandum of understanding between the members of the joint venture/ consortium having no mention of respective shareholding in order to maliciously conceal the technical and financial capability of the firm having maximum shareholding.
The accused with criminal intent continued the process of awarding the contract even after submission of JV agreement by Lahore Casa Developers which revealed the actual shareholdings of JV members was in sheer violation of documents submitted at pre-qualification stage.
As a result of this increase, Nordea Funds Ltd now has a shareholding in IC Group constituting 856,147 shares of DKK10 each.
He said that the preservation of the rights of shareholders and giving back their money in all real estate shareholdings are among key priorities of the Committee under a decision of Council of Ministers, No.
The Company will be writing to all shareholders who hold less than A$500 worth of ECT shares, that the Company is implementing a small shareholding share sale facility (the Small Shareholdings Facility) under clause 3 of the ECT Constitution.
The Commission concluded, in 2009, that the scheme constituted illegal state aid since it gave more favourable treatment to foreign acquisitions than to Spanish acquisitions, and banned Madrid from applying it for shareholdings acquired in EU companies.
It appears that banks have commenced reducing the amount of their shareholdings to avert the risks of (their financial health) being buffeted by falling share prices,'' a BSPC official said.
The company said Park Street Asset Management Ltd increased its shareholdings from 6,722,484 A-shares, corresponding to 55.
In this article, Garrod and Harvey note that the White Paper s proposals come amidst continued opposition from businesses and the investor community, and are of particular concern to investors acquiring minority shareholdings in businesses active on the same or closely related markets, and to firms acquiring minority interests in joint ventures or other strategic alliances.
After an in-depth investigation, the European Commission has concluded that a new interpretation of a Spanish tax scheme benefitting companies acquiring foreign shareholdings is incompatible with EU state aid rules.