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The article reviews the White Paper and discusses a range of topics related to acquisitions of non-controlling minority shareholdings and the proposed targeted transparency system as well as the Commission s Impact Assessment and regimes within the EU and globally that capture acquisitions of non-controlling minority shareholdings.
He said that the preservation of the rights of shareholders and giving back their money in all real estate shareholdings are among key priorities of the Committee under a decision of Council of Ministers, No.
The Company will be writing to all shareholders who hold less than A$500 worth of ECT shares, that the Company is implementing a small shareholding share sale facility (the Small Shareholdings Facility) under clause 3 of the ECT Constitution.
It appears that banks have commenced reducing the amount of their shareholdings to avert the risks of (their financial health) being buffeted by falling share prices,'' a BSPC official said.
Chairman of the Board Vladimir Evtushenkov's shareholding in the Company has increased from 62.
There was particular focus on the issue after Ryanair bought a stake in Aer Lingus and then, when the European Commission ( EC ) refused to authorize it to take over Aer Lingus, bought additional shares which gave Ryanair nearly a 30% shareholding in Aer Lingus.
An indirect shareholding acquisition is the purchase by a company of shareholdings in the equity of a company at second or lower levels through the means of a direct acquisition of shareholdings in a company at first level.
Shareholdings Hankinson, Jeremy Curnock Cook, Ian Ardill, Peter
16% shareholding in Cathay Pacific from CITIC Pacific and Swire Pacific, at HK$13.
In line with the remuneration structure for the members of Sistema's Board of Directors, seven members shareholdings in the Company increased by 75,833 shares, with one member receiving shares for the first time.
b) distributing its Africo shareholdings to Rubicon shareholders on a tax efficient basis, and
Forgotten Zimbabwe was thrust in the global limelight after an investment company backed by Diamond, the former Barclays Bank Plc CEO, announced plans to buy a controlling shareholding in ABC Holdings in a deal worth US $265 million.