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What Tasks or Applications Are Acceptable in the Shareware Library?
Even if you find shareware that is not in the heavy-duty technical utility class, you still need computer expertise to get it onto your machine.
PC-Write is one of the best-known shareware programs in this area.
A full list of winners for the Seventh Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards is available on ZDNet Downloads at: http://www.
But with the right computer equipment, a few shareware programs, and a phone line, police departments can create bulletin board systems that allow them to reach out to the citizens they serve.
Shareware developers think they're getting a raw deal, and recently a group of leading authors decided it's time to change the rules of the shareware game.
Private Line Shareware, available through Public Brand Software P.
And, as we become part of a larger organization, it's nice to know that the shareware industry recognizes the fact that WinZip remains loyal to its shareware roots.
offers a unique e-business platform for electronic trading between shareware suppliers and buyers at http://www.
Certain software - both shareware and commercial software - offers a degree of protection against viruses.
The Shareware Industry Conference focuses attention on the shareware industry, its people and its products.
is an Illinois-based software development company best known for the Windows shareware product Pretty Good Solitaire, developed by company president Thomas Warfield.