sharp criticism

See: reproach
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The previous law approved by the Parliament in November 2016, has faced sharp criticism from local and foreign circles.
The massive demonstration in Brasilia comes as Bolsonaro faces sharp criticism over the worsening deforestation of the Amazon and cuts in education funding that have sparked protests by students and teachers in recent months, including a demonstration in the capital on Tuesday.
Summary: Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 13 (ANI): In a move that has invoked sharp criticism from BJP leaders, Congress-led Madhya Pradesh government has issued an order transferring 46 police dog handlers across the state along with their canines.
Summary: The decision by US President Donald Trump to ease draconian sanctions on Chinese telecommunications vendor Huawei, has drawn sharp criticism
Trump Administration released an updated 2020 budget proposal after the original proposal received sharp criticism for its deep cuts to dedicated programs that protect the Great Lakes and other iconic bodies of water across the country.
Citing the office of the President, which has lately come under sharp criticism by politicians, Rutto said the only way such institutions can deliver on their mandates is if everyone supports it rather than hurling abuses against it.
Continuing his sharp criticism against the provincial lawmakers, he termed the development as ' untenable' move by legislators amid the deteriorated economic situation ' when we do not have resources to provide basic amenities to all our people'.
Omar by calling her office to offer his support in the face of sharp criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for trafficking in anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter.
The Tipperary goalkeeper was at the media event but told organisers he was not permitted to speak about the Tipperary hurlers, which led to some sharp criticism of Sheedy, particularly in light of his role as a Sunday Game pundit in recent years.
All the sharp criticism of the Fed in advance of the Wednesday meeting from Trump, Navarro, Gundlach, and Druckenmiller/Warsh risks boxing the Fed into a no-win situation, not very appetizing to investors if they hike or relent, but perhaps better if they do both.
During a TV interview, Marriyum, in her sharp criticism of the ruling party commented, 'Imran Khan's whole cabinet is still mentally sitting on the D-Chowk.'
The comment drew sharp criticism from many who said it erased the atrocities committed against black people and the struggle of black women in particular.