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Her vaginal synechiae was so firm that separation of the fused vaginal walls either with blunt or sharp dissection was impossible.
Intraoperatively, the lower segment of the uterus was distended and bladder was adherent to anterior wall of uterus, which was separated by sharp dissection.
The tumor was then resected en-bloc, carefully using osteotomies and sharp dissection without damaging the internal iliac arteries anteriorly.
Thereafter with sharp dissection, labia minora were separated from each other and also vertically from the labia majora.
Sharp dissection should be used in exposing the aneurysm as well as removing clot from around it to reduce the risk of large tearing in its fundus or neck.
Some objects, which are surrounded by dense scar tissue, require sharp dissection with a scalpel blade.
After standard cardiopulmonary bypass, bi-sinusal inverted Y incision was made between noncoronary cusp and right coronary cusp; and the ridge was removed with sharp dissection above the left coronary sinus.
However, the vein was too deep for needle access, and it was decided to go ahead with a lipectomy procedure, which was performed using sharp dissection and electrocautery over the length of the vein.
For those already in the naturalistic camp, Raymo's case for science, as opposed to wishful thinking, won't be revelatory, but his sharp dissection of New Age fads and resurgent fundamentalism is nevertheless instructive.
Gynecologic surgeons should adhere to surgical principles with sharp dissection for adhesions, gentle tissue handling, adequate exposure, and light retraction to prevent bowel injury or minimize their extent.