sharp sight

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Lynceus, on account of his sharp sight, was stationed as a look-out in the prow, where he saw a whole day's sail ahead, but was rather apt to overlook things that lay directly under his nose.
The rear sight unit rides in dovetail grooves cut directly into the spring cylinder, and the notch is located too close to the eye for a sharp sight picture.
The SIGLITE night sights were easy to see and gave a sharp sight picture.
He had lost his sight in infancy but his mother's prayers and invoking blessed him a sharp sight and sharp memory that enabled him to read and write in the moonlight and if he had read or heard something, it would remain in his memory forever.
The large ocular lens delivers a bright, sharp sight picture and four inches of eye relief across the power range.
The birds with their large eyes and sharp sight make them much coveted by Emiratis.
Whether you're a left- or right-handed shooter, the new RAZOR[TM] Sharp Sight will keep your aim in proper alignment.
These sights, now distributed by Kimber, offer a clear and sharp sight picture under a wide range of light conditions.
a MedPartners Eye Associates' ophthalmologist, "Magnifying vision aids are considered when ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery can no longer provide sharp sight.
The sharp sight picture and the long but smooth trigger came through with a 3.