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Both victims were attacked with a sharp-edged weapon in their house in Mohali, 10km from Chandigarh.
He got hold of a sharp-edged weapon and stabbed himself in the stomach.
Professor Veerle Rots at the university's Fund for Scientific Research said humans developed the "pressure flaking" technique, giving them more control over fashioning sharp-edged weapons.
In the process, the monkeys unintentionally break off sharp-edged stones that resemble stone tools made by ancient members of the human evolutionary family, say archaeologist Tomos Proffitt of the University of Oxford and his colleagues.
Songs such as "Worldwide Choppers'' and "Riot Makers'' hold back nothing, their caustic beats and sharp-edged lines lacerating the listener with savage intensity.
Lahore, June 19(ANI): In another security lapse in less than a month, two criminal gangs attacked each other with sharp-edged weapons in a Pakistan courtroom, besides trying to assault a judge and hold him hostage.
13 -- A 40-year old man, father of five, was killed by unidentified assailants, who cut his throat with a sharp-edged weapon in the Chuhng police precincts on Thursday.
Most of the 11 originals here sublimely intertwine the bitter and the sweet, and Allen delivers them in a voice that can flip mid-phrase from a twittering trill to a sharp-edged sneer.
Otherwise the double facade--a fully glazed floor-to-ceiling thermal glass frame behind the metal--successfully maintains the illusion of the cubes as impenetrable, sharp-edged objects.
However, Stevenson avoids romanticizing the gift sphere as a "finer" or more moral economic arena; in tone, his recounting of Fairweather's odyssey is distinctly sharp-edged.
The Boston Ballet introduced us to file sharp-edged choreography of Jorma Elo.