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She was well known and a very "put-together" lady; and her festive spirit, flirtatious manner, and sharp-witted comedic nature made her loads of fun to be around.
Now the famously sharp-witted Mr Bailey is taking the northern hemisphere plunge with a UK tour kicking off next October.
As an expert raconteur Fish had a fine line in banter and sharp-witted anecdotes that suggest that a career on the comedy club circuit could be on the cards if he ever called a day on his musical life, yet on current form that alternative calling can be put on hold for some time yet.
SLEUTHING journalists became the subject of an investigation into their mysterious working lives after sharp-witted Colne Valley students uncovered their industry's secrets at a special event.
The sharp-witted manger of the group has to deal with the band splitting up and solo hits, and all the back-stabbing and tears that come with fame from the UK's top drag artists - Vicki Vivacious, Vanilla Lush, Portia De Fosse and Silver Summers.
It is a sharp-witted, empowering and hilarious romp about one woman's midlife awakening on a honeymoon.
Ray Romano will play Richie's close confidant and right-hand man Zak Yankovich, the tough and sharp-witted head of promotions at American Century.
ZoeLambrakis Enjoyed a double dose of sharp-witted Shaw at @ClwydTweets yday - #PicnicPlay & #ArmsAndTheMan both spot on
Sharp-witted and still the epitome of cartoon-character cool, the singer was on top form, whether bantering with the front rows or offering his well-worn observations on life.
In her earliest years, she was a quiet but sharp-witted stranger, slinging philosophy and cultural observations in a series of hand-screened t-shirts and stickers that grew to a series of gift books, comic-books, graphic novels, a young adult novel series, and now music.
SHARP-witted members of Birmingham Press Club will take on their counterparts from the city's public relations sector in the third annual Midlands Media Challenge quiz.
Scotch is a smart, sharp-witted and prickly teenage girl.