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ThreeSixty Group Inc, a provider of branded consumer products, declared on Friday that it has acquired The Sharper Image brand and intellectual property assets from Iconix Brand Group, Inc (NASDAQ: ICON).
Founded in 1977, Sharper Image is best known for its innovative products offered across the lifestyle, gift, gadget, electronics, wellness, fitness and travel categories.
We applaud Sterlite Power for pioneering drone-based asset inspections in India, said Tero Heinonen, CEO of Sharper Shape.
Sharper, 39, acknowledged the crimes in Los Angeles Superior Court after pleading guilty by video link to sexual assault in Arizona.
The Los Angeles Police Department said Sharper had been associated with two sexual assaults that occured in October 2013 and January 2014 in West Los Angeles Area, as reported in (http://www.
Iconix Brand Group is acquiring The Sharper Image from Sharper Image Acquisition for $65.
15 -- Bradford License India has entered into a Brand Management Agreement to represent The Sharper Image(R) licensing initiatives in India.
HOMEDICS' LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH THE SHARPER IMAGE MARKS THE FIRST important step toward transforming the latter from a retailer to a global lifestyle brand.
to cut flat-die lips for biaxially oriented PET with much sharper radii than usual.
In August 1999 The Sharper Image launched a sweepstakes with the goal of cross-channel selling - not at the time of entry, but through follow-up communications.
For example, in another case involving Sharper Image, the Connecticut Supreme Court determined that the taxpayer had made a taxable use of catalogs by directing that the catalogs be sent to specific in-state residents (Sharper Image Corp.