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But Quicksilver (whose eyes were very keen, and his wits the sharpest that ever anybody had) perceived that the child was a little confused; and seeing the empty salver, he suspected that she had been taking a sly nibble of something or other.
You are none of the youngest, nor your eyes none of the sharpest, but you are always laying down the law.
But nothing seemed to please Roderick better than to lay hold of a person infected with jealousy, which he represented as an enormous green reptile, with an ice-cold length of body, and the sharpest sting of any snake save one.
Here in this pleasant spot the sharpest adventure that ever befell Robin Hood came upon him; for, as he walked down the woodland path thinking of nought but the songs of the birds, he came of a sudden to where a man was seated upon the mossy roots beneath the shade of a broad-spreading oak tree.
Am I such a farcical bungler, Watson, that I should erect an obvious dummy, and expect that some of the sharpest men in Europe would be deceived by it.
But it would be unjust not to tell, that she never uttered a word in depreciation of Dorothea, keeping in religious remembrance the generosity which had come to her aid in the sharpest crisis of her life.
If the little Haymaker had been armed with the sharpest of scythes, and had cut at every stroke into the Carrier's heart, he never could have gashed and wounded it, as Dot had done.
At the sharpest hazards of trail and river and famine, the message was that other men might die, but that he would pull through triumphant.
Last of all, sharpest of bite in his thought, was the head of Van Horn.
An' ye should a-seen the old Tryapsic turnun' the sharpest circle she ever turned.
According to this sharpest of observers and deepest of thinkers, if a man during his period of activity is alive, so is a machine when in operation.
I resolved to put the lawyer's prophecy--so far as the question of astonishment was concerned--to the sharpest attainable test.