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Cotton market opened after Eid holiday and on first day of trading session, the prices dropped sharply by Rs 300 to Rs 6100 per maund, said chairman Cotton Ginners Forum, Ahsanulhaq from Rahim Yar Khan.
Shares also dropped sharply in major European markets.
According to an analyst at Citi Private Bank, China's growth could retard sharply in 2012.
EEF's pay data for the three months to the end of April shows that the average level of pay settlements has fallen sharply to 1.
Philip McKinnon, economist at RBS, said: "Although the rate of decline in output moderated somewhat in February, the near term outlook remains very weak as new workloads continued to decline sharply.
Companies operating in consumer services saw profitability fall sharply for a third successive quarter.
unit rose sharply in their market premiere, climbing $3.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a single, sharply demarcated, cystic, fluid-filled structure measuring 7.
90 million metric tons, on an annualized basis, in May 2006, its growth rate having stabilized in recent months at around 2%, after declining sharply in the second half of last year.
Of the processors contacted, most acknowledge that prices have been climbing quite sharply during the past several months.
This association was due mainly to sharply elevated odds among women who involuntarily switched to part-time work (6.
The Chinese market for hydraulic excavators has grown sharply in recent years, increasing fivefold since 1999.