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My eyes were directed toward the point at which the liner had disappeared when there came from the depths of the ocean the muffled reverberation of an explosion, and almost simultaneously a geyser of water in which were shattered lifeboats, human bodies, steam, coal, oil, and the flotsam of a liner's deck leaped high above the surface of the sea--a watery column momentarily marking the grave of another ship in this greatest cemetery of the seas.
His money was spent, his ships shattered, his men in mutiny, and hardest of all to bear, his young son Walter lay dead in far Guiana, slain in a fight with Spaniards.
I went to open the bottom oven door to put away baking trays, and, as I touched the handle, the door shattered into a thousand pieces.
Shattered , directed by Eman Zakaria and Farah Sobhy, depicts a woman who maintains the illusion of being a famous ballet dancer because societal pressure forced her to abandon her childhood dream of actually becoming one.
Behind each statistic is a family shattered by a sickening crime committed by someone who should be behind bars.
NHTSA said it has received 11 consumer complaints saying that sunroofs have shattered or exploded in their 2012 Veloster models.
Summary: Beirut, July 21, 2010, SPA --A Gulf Air plane carrying 101 passengers on board made an emergency landing on Tuesday at Beirut Rafik Al-Hariri International Airport after the glass of one of its cockpit windows was shattered.
ACTIVISION are setting out to prove that their Spider-Man games can actually be quite good, and what they've revealed so far about the upcoming Shattered Dimensions is looking very promising indeed.
Broken Vows, Shattered Lives" is the reflections of Steven A.
Eventually, the ligament shape dramatically shattered into many smaller globules.
We are in full support of the HSE's Shattered Lives campaign, and concur with their recommendations for reducing accidents", says Liz Johnsen, Arco's product manager for footwear.
A mosque employee was the first to discover two windows that had been shattered and a five-gallon tank of flammable liquid that had been spilled in an area of the mosque's school, which is currently under construction.