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At pounds 84,450 this car is something quite special because most things capable of such shatteringly high performance are much more expensive.
Charles Wright's poetry revisits many sorts of light: the shatteringly poignant Midwestern January light in Iowa; the stunning Pacific light of Laguna Beach; Italian light in certain paintings; the particular light of autumn in Virginia, where Charles makes his home now and where I happen to be as I begin this.
While the wand-powered 'split screen' ending is shatteringly abrupt, all seven Potter films to date now add up to a mind-boggling 1048 minute and 19 seconds.
But the consequences of every action, particularly when they are based on misconception or misunderstanding, are brought shatteringly home through several strings of the complex plot.
The laundry list of recommendations was lengthy if not earth shatteringly original: more troops, equipment, aid and coordination, along with government transparency on all that concerns Afghanistan.
However, the silence of such voices was noteworthy and shatteringly loud this time.
But what really astonishes me about the Range Rover is how it can look so shatteringly modern when it is such an old basic design.
Shatteringly crisp pizzas and house-cured salumi paired with an affordable wine list.
75" high tweeter only was icing an already tasty cake--besides the ability to delineate brushed cymbals and violin harmonics with exemplary quality, the Classic Four could also play very loud on challenging rock--"Quadrophenia', one of the Who's best in my opinion, never sounded better than when played shatteringly loud on the Classic Fours; this of course means they similarly delivered the goods on challenging movie soundtracks, even played in 2-channel mode.
Frey arranged with Truong Chinh, Pham Van Dong and Vo Nguyen Giap for he and his friends, including Walter Ullrich and Georges Wachter, to cross over to the Vietnamese for, as Borchers is supposed to have said, 'here philosophy shall become practice, and it appears we will be needed in the act', (52) a shatteringly naive utopian utterance that expressed his hope for the universal republic.
This terrorist action was surely shatteringly successful, but in one way it was not completely so.
There are many other indelible scenes in this shatteringly realistic, artfully composed study of children in war.