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These are not shatteringly new insights into Whitman's work, and it is debatable whether Whitman really "got there first" (68), given the various lesser-known writings in which these techniques were already visible.
It was very lightweight and powerful, but shatteringly noisy!
The funhouse-mirror images of communism and anticommunism had warped both right and left, and the burking blanket of the Vital Center consensus exempted shatteringly significant developments (e.g., the shuttering of small public schools via consolidation, or the massive corporate subsidy and aesthetic defacement known as the Interstate and Defense Highway System) from scrutiny.
Bearing out Rao's painstaking plot calculations, her disability seems inconsequential to her daily life, until a crucial turning point when it comes shatteringly to the fore.
As shatteringly horrific that we fnd Teresienstadt, the Holocaust, and other historical--as well, one sadly notes, as contemporary--nadirs of human depravity, we can ward of total despair by focusing on the triumph of art over evil.
This proved the light relief before the shatteringly intense portrayal of Jesus being nailed to the cross and his crucifixion, a finale which was rewarded with a deserved standing ovation.
But we restrained ourselves and instead began with one of Bloomfield's bar snacks, a bag of shatteringly crisp caramel popcorn.
"If you have a high-end NVIDIA GPU, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will offer higher fidelity and higher performance hardware-driven special effects including awesome weapon impacts, moon- shatteringly cool cryo explosions and ice particles, and cloth and fluid simulation that blows me away every time I see it!" said Randy Pitchford, CEO and President, Gearbox said in ( another post .
Forced disappearances are unquestionably horrific; dumped mutilated bodies are shatteringly cruel.
The Queen was notoriously tight-fisted - she got her nobles to pay for entertainments whether at court or on her shatteringly expensive Progresses, which carted several hundred courtiers and servants from one country seat to another, carefully bankrupting the English nobility in the process, thus ensuring no one had sufficient funds to raise an army against her.
Then I had to produce the order of service for my mother's funeral, and all became shatteringly clear.