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5 Kg/Cm2 Bott, Type:Direct, Mounting: Local ,Dial Size: 150 Mm, Case: Ss 304, Ring: Standard, Blowout Connection: Back , Lens: Shatterproof Glass, Element: Bourdon, Bourdonmat.
The window itself is manufactured from shatterproof material and is able to withstand semi caustic chemicals, so is extremely durable, yet won't discolour over time.
case: ss 304, ring: standard, fill fluid: glyc erine, lens: shatterproof glass, element: bourdon, bourdon mat.
RPC Blackburn's Thor pot delivers excellent safety and convenience, with a sturdy, shatterproof design and a tamper-evident, resealable lid.
The lightweight, shatterproof multi-layer bottle finished with a metal crown closure, is a replica of the original glass bottle.
The Cigna Foundation today will go to new heights to announce a $100,000 World of Difference grant to Shatterproof , a non-profit organization committed to giving young people and families support and information to overcome addiction.
New-generation Kilner jars manufactured from shatterproof PET by The Plastek Group are now available from packaging container specialists Johnsen & Jorgensen.
From facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe, KoSa's subsidiaries produce PET resins that become shatterproof plastic bottles, polyester intermediates and various manmade fibers that are used in home furnishings, automobile seatbelts and tires.
This lot relates primarily to the supply and laying of armored glass, armored doors, portals vehicle pass documents, shatterproof film and a retractable barrier.
Requirements ranged from aseptic filling and a five-month ambient shelf-life to the need for a lightweight, shatterproof material for maximum convenience.
Campbells decided to use PET for its modern aesthetics and the practical benefits of being lightweight and shatterproof.
Carey, with extensive experience in the fabrication of Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) on plastic, will help accelerate the commercialization of the company's technology for producing intelligent, rugged electronic circuitry and thin, shatterproof displays.