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There are men whose desire for truth is so great that to attain it they will shatter the very foundation of their world.
It would have been safer for Will in the first instance to have taken up his hat and gone away; but he had felt no impulse to do this; on the contrary, he had a horrible inclination to stay and shatter Rosamond with his anger.
A powerful electric field at the needle's tip shatters helium atoms to create the swarm of electrically charged ions and electrons that constitute the plasma, explains physicist John Goree of the University of Iowa.
Texas Tech's Darvin Ham shatters the glass with a dunk, causing a long delay.
The FiOS Grand Tournament shows how FiOS Internet service shatters the barriers of speed and bandwidth that come between people and great home entertainment experiences," said Brian Angiolet, director of Marketing for Verizon FiOS.