shave off

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Police said the retired soldier was returning home on his motorbike on Monday night when the criminals who came his way again asked him to shave off his long moustache.
JonaThan Ross's new bosses at ITV have asked him to shave off his beard before he starts his chat show in the autumn.
Ray Woods, from the League of Friends of the John Taylor Hospice, vowed to shave off his moustache if he completed the 8.
Studley donated sweat equity as well as $20,500 to the charity, $10,500 of which was raised by Studley executives who challenged Rob Link, executive vice president and branch manager of Studley's Denver office, to shave off his iconic salt and pepper mustache.
Coun Brumwell said: "It's great that Nic has decided to shave off his beard for the cause and I can't wait to see how he looks.
In today's competitive marketplace, companies are seeking ways to shave off costs in every aspect of the production process.
Patrick's Day, Will will join his 9-year-old brother, Tom, and father, Greg - a sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department - and shave off all his hair.
The boys did not carry any cash and the three teenagers used a razor to shave off the eyebrows of two children, the police said.
James Moss, of Long Street, decided to shave off his hair, which was over 12 inches long, following the death of his mother almost a year ago.
But may I suggest that if he wants to LOOK normal he should shave off that awful grey beard which ages him no end.
Ask for no butter and you'll shave off its two grams of saturated fat.
Instead, Conair built a system that uses four air-driven blades to shave off the bridge without the need for expensive milling equipment.