shave off

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 4 ( ANI ): Samajwadi Party leader Rais Shaikh had written a letter to BMC Commissioner demanding to stop asking Muslim patients to shave off beard for minor operations.
Les will do the honours by chopping off her plait, while a stylist from the Adam and Eve salon INWISHAW will shave off the rest of Lynda's hair.
Terry Percival and Billy Wardhaugh both play for Shepshed RFC and decided that one day they would shave off their beards and hair that they had been growing for more than six years.
May, who was once a missionary in Kenya, donned a Macmillan T-shirt while a friend used clippers to shave off her locks after a service.
"The time table of the Iraqi Armed Forces and announcing a final date for the liberation of Mosul on one hand, and the government forces' eye-catching victories in Northern Salahuddin and Southeastern Nineveh on the other hand, have caused the ISIL terrorists to shave off their beard and flee the battlefields to find safer shelters," the sources said.
Students were already holding a cake sale to raise money, however, this year Dr Roger Harris agreed to shave off his hair to encourage them to donate anything they could to the charity.
The Star Inn hosted a 'mini shave off' on Sunday as regular punter Andrew had a clean shave courtesy of Newsome hairdresser and male groomer, Barbarella.
In fact, it's an Islamic State fighter in drag - only he was in such a hurry he forgot to shave off his moustache.
Patna: Rampaging criminals chopped off the ear of a retired Indian trooper after he refused to shave off his long, bushy moustache.
"My son-in-law was desperate to start the shave off, so he put more money in so he could kick it all off.
"I jokingly said that after treatment, if her hair were to fall out, I would shave off mine, raising money at the same time."
Or suggest that you'll shave off your beard and cut your hair to see how you like it, but if you don't, then they're growing back!