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She'd battled and survived cancer a couple of times, raised six children, won art prizes around the world.
Her husband had died just days after Anna's 12th birthday, and she'd carried on as well as she could, being the best mother she could be, becoming fiercely protective in the process.
She'd imagine he'd be a hoot and since "make me laugh" was her top criteria for the man in her life, she was thrilled.
He had journeyed so long, not stopping for food, She said that she'd be there, she promised she would.
Later she admitted she'd had a "brain-fade" and her pained supporters said this "wasn't Natalie at her best".
Sarah Williams, 30, of Woodlands Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, fell foul of the law when police went to give her crime prevention advice after she'd accidentally left her purse on the roof of her car at a supermarket.
If Chezza was just a norm she'd be able to have real experiences, and she'd probably have some proper mates, too, instead of having to hang out with her mum and brother all the time.
She knew soon that the captain was the man of her dreams, so each morning when she'd open the window she'd greet the man of her dreams, in the monster's guts, and (why not?
Then she'd pick up the paper, rub it on my head - 'Ginger for luck,' she'd say - and wait for Cyril the paperboy, also known as Cyril the bookie, to come round," he said.
Something nasty had taken root while she'd watched him digging with that safety pin.
She hasn't given me the impression that she's trying to arrange a real date or anything, but once when she was upset, she told me she'd always been a bit in love with me.
For the 13th event in our TribLive series, I interviewed the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor on running for office for the first time in a tough year, how she'd deal with the budget shortfall, whether she'd mess with the Senate's two-thirds rule and what's wrong with the Texas Enterprise Fund.