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When asked whether there are significant cases of human trafficking in Oman, she said that she cannot say whether 'trafficking' phenomenon exists in Oman since there are no in-depth studies done in the area.
She said she cannot say with surety as to how many days would it take to evacuate Pakistanis.
Jade first danced at the age of seven and although she cannot say when she set her sights on a career in dance, she knows she is firmly dedicated to it now.
Because if she cannot say what she means they cannot know she means what she says.
An assistant said: "Yes, Mr Eriksson was a client of Maga Clara but she cannot say anything else.
She cannot say what percentage of her psychic observations are accurate, but says that feedback is positive.
Lask said she cannot say for sure that Sanofi hid facts in its pre- or post marketing testing, but her FOIA requests to the FDA have produced evidence of an increasing number of user complaints of walking, eating, and driving while asleep in recent years.