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She cannot say what percentage of her psychic observations are accurate, but says that feedback is positive.
Lask said she cannot say for sure that Sanofi hid facts in its pre- or post marketing testing, but her FOIA requests to the FDA have produced evidence of an increasing number of user complaints of walking, eating, and driving while asleep in recent years.
For the indecisive person who continually hems and haws, there is the observation that, what the world needs are more one-armed people--that way, he or she cannot say, "On the other hand.
But when Claire recovers from her coma, she cannot say with absolute certainty that Warner was her attacker.
Bush will make a final decision and she cannot say anything at this stage about the prospects of an alternative plan, the sources said.
Whether or not the editorial department would have shared it with the news side, Spayd says she cannot say.
I tell them a little about Katie, how she can hear you say "hello" but she cannot say "hi" back.
Like Almeyda in Song for Anninho, Ursa's mother can say, "I became / my grandmother," but because the relationship between her "private memory" and the "memory of all the Corregidora women" is not dialogic, she cannot say, as Almeyda can, "and she became me.
Ms Corringham has said she cannot say when mine clearance charities might benefit from the fund.

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