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Initially, she was so scared that she could not say anything about the incident.
The DKEVR claimed that the question referred to a period of time when she had been absent and she could not say whether the probe involved EVN, CEZ, or Energo-Pro.
Emma revealed why she could not say no to the role.
She could not say what exactly the loss that Macedonian firms suffer from the block is and added that it is indispensable to conduct an all- encompassing analysis so that the loss can be accurately assessed.
The Titanic star, who had previously stripped off for Lancome cosmetics campaign, admitted that she could not say no to Testino when he approached her to feature in his upcoming art show.
Walton Labour MP Peter Kilfoyle later branded her a student politician, while she could not say who Anfield legend Bill Shankly was or who sang Ferry Across the Mersey.
A NORTH West health chief said a second wave of swine flu is "definitely" on the way to Merseyside - but she could not say when.
Suspicions were raised when she could not say what she would be doing in the UK other than "seeing Newcastle city centre".
She could not say when he had the operation at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.
Cardiff and Vale Coroner Mary Hassell recorded a narrative verdict, saying she could not say for certain that she had wanted to take her life.
But she could not say how much of the land should be returned.
She could not say whether these updates would address compliance in non-Microsoft platforms.

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