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The simplest possible viscoelastic analysis is sought that captures the transient shear stress behavior observed in Fig.
The shear stress and normal stress distribution of the fault are similar, indicating that when mining in the footwall, the shear stress effect on the fault activation is higher than that of the normal stress.
Figure 6 shows the chart of simulated shear stress against the size of cutter on sandstone and dolomite formation.
The right carotid arteries, after low and oscillatory shear stress treatment, were collected for protein extraction.
The maximum interface shear stress magnitude on lateral region for the optimal shape model is decreased by 4% compared to the initial model.
Areas with low Reynolds shear stress can be a less chaotic environment that can increase the performance of swimming.
The results of the present study indicate that shear stress acting on the embryo during the ejection phase of embryo transfer is lower when the embryo is positioned in the midstream of the catheter instead of in proximity to the catheter's wall.
This shear stress is directly related to the viscosity of the culture medium and the rate of deformation (Mott, 2005).
They have determined expressions of flow rate, velocity, fluid acceleration and shear stress by using Laplace and finite Hankel transform.
Interface shear stress was calculated by dividing interface shear force by the shear-sensing area (28.
The principal tensile stress of concrete in the vertical web of box-girder is composed of the shear stress and normal stress and it can be counteracted by the vertical compressive stress provided by vertical prestressed bars.
For polymers which degrade due to hydrolysis, shear stress, or thermal and/or oxidisation influences, monitoring the polymer viscosity on-line can help keep production parameters within the boundaries needed to maintain product quality.