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He slipped the knife out of the sheath and was ready and unembarrassed by hampering bedclothes, for the weather was hot and we hadn't any.
Every one looked at Carlini; the sheath at his belt was empty.
cried the man, "in the name of Heaven put your sword back into the sheath and don't kill me unheard.
On this he gave Ajax a silver-studded sword with its sheath and leathern baldric, and in return Ajax gave him a girdle dyed with purple.
So saying, he drew a large knife from a leathern sheath, which was stuck through his girdle, or sash, and cut the throat of the animal, “If there are two balls through the deer, I would ask if there weren’t two rifles fired— besides, who ever saw such a ragged hole from a smooth-bore as this through the neck?
At the same time the officer could see the eyes of Marie de Mancini shine in the sun with the brilliancy of a dagger starting from its sheath.
Before he pulled up he fastened the belt round him, and with deep delight heard the tip of the sheath click on the thwart.
Another time," Mowgli said quietly, returning the knife to its sheath, "speak of the Man-Pack and of Mowgli in TWO breaths-- not one.
We had expected to find it, as usual, enveloped in frequent rolls, or bandages, of linen; but, in place of these, we found a sort of sheath, made of papyrus, and coated with a layer of plaster, thickly gilt and painted.
But one thing I found that had not been there before: under the window lay a formidable sheath-knife without its sheath.
Successively he threw away his hat, his coat, which embarrassed him, and then the sheath of his sword, which got between his legs as he was running.
He had not time to get it from the sheath before I had the harpoon through him.