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The increased amount of data in the world has created many opportunities for the kind of analysis Sheather does.
Capt Sheather said she also established that the teams of soldiers involved may have had access to type of 5.
07 We use 2000 groupwise heterogeneous bootstrap iterations, a Gaussian kernel, as well as the Silverman (1986) reflection method (to account for the boundary problem) and select the bandwidth via the Sheather and Jones (1991) method.
15 Trumpeter Sgt Campbell Rennie 13th LH " " Dvr Bertie Sheather 21st Bn A37 Barambah 9.
Logistic and simple regression models with biweight tuning constants of four (Staudte and Sheather 1990) were used to examine the influence of home exercise adherence, concurrent physical activity, the number of correctly performed exercises and the use of analgesics on the reductions in pain frequency and intensity.
Lochridge was bred by her owner Jeff Smith, whose racing manager, former jockey and trainer Ron Sheather, said: 'She is a grand filly, but we did it a bit wrong thinking she would get seven furlongs, though Lochsong did win once over that trip.
Margaret Sheather,of Gloucestershire social services, said a Government shortage in funding meant local authorities were having to top it up.
Ron Sheather, racing manager to owner Jeff Smith, said: "He will probably go for the Epsom Derby now.
The point of our actions these last three days was not to get ourselves arrested but rather to force governments to arrest the forest criminals,'' said Michelle Sheather, Greenpeace coordinator on the Rainbow Warrior.
Rabbits and other creatures that live beneath the surface will emerge later in the discussion when I'll look closely at three recent texts (Oliver, 1999; Marsden & Tan, 1998; Toft & Sheather, 1998).
Lochangel is bigger, stronger and, hopefully, quicker than she's ever been," says Smith's racing manager Ron Sheather.
sHEATHER NOVA wafts into Edinburgh on a warm Bermuda breeze for a date at The Venue on January 26.