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Brick veneers, gypsum sheathing or plywood sheathing or OSB sheathing are pretty straightforward.
Unlike other sheathing products, the Zip System has a water resistive barrier already built into its panels.
FlameBlock Fire Rated OSB Sheathing with a 20-Year Transferable Limited Warranty, combines the strength of LP OSB with a non-combustible, fibreglass-reinforced Pyrotite layer and is ICC certified (ESR-1365).
The most important problems often aren't with the sheathing or even the roofing, but with the presence of attic moisture.
LP FlameBlock Sheathing is backed by a 20-year transferable limited warranty.
We have hung things off foam sheathing to figure out long-term creep performance (Photo 4).
Do not tape the plate over the sheathing wrap; slit the sheathing wrap above the fixture and slip the plate beneath.
Slide the sheathing off to expose the wires underneath.
TechShield radiant barrier sheathing is manufactured with a patented incising process that creates vapor channels for moisture to pass through, releasing moisture nearly as fast as standard roof sheathing (see chart below).
Foschi [11] reported on experimental and numerical investigations that he conducted to provide sufficient evidence for waferboard to be considered an equivalent to plywood as a structural sheathing material for racking resistance.
Huber Engineered Woods demonstrates this critical attribute of ZIP System wall sheathing through building trade print and online advertisements starting on July 1.
I think the winning technologies are to make the structural sheathing itself the water and air control layer--and to install continuous insulation over the structural sheathing (Figure 1).