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I discovered that if you follow subtle buck trails deep into the woods, you may find a shed along the way.
In this fast, frenetic and technology-obsessed world, the drummer Joel hears is in his garden, and he explains: "I spend more time in my shed than in my house.
Heaven is a place where we can, once and for all, shed our fears, our shames, our vanity and our pride-all that we should not be.
Rutherglen's Shedman is one of Scotland's leading shed providers.
Stephen's shed, in the garden of his Clydach home, is where all the equipment needed for making the limbs is housed, and was started with help from his employer Ogilvie, which made a PS1,000 contribution after learning what he was up to.
Ten sheds at the Amble Allotment Society were burgled over the Bank Holiday weekend between 8.
Jamie Taylor from Broad Street in Brinklow is hoping his spooky entry will gain him the coveted shed crown.
4 IF you're short of living space indoors, a garden shed can be converted into something more than just storage.
nd owner of the d, Bryan Lewis up with the idea his shed was n a sunny spot.
Cuprinol's link-up with Airbnb comes as the annual Shedonomics report by the wood care brand reveals nearly 70 per cent of Brits would rather stay in a shed than a cottage, caravan or tent for a country retreat.
The homemade retreat in Nottingham is one of many zany entries for Cuprinol's Shed of the Year competition.