shed light upon

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When she deemed that Ulysses had had both of his wife and of repose, she bade gold-enthroned Dawn rise out of Oceanus that she might shed light upon mankind.
The conference shed light upon educational and investigative activities, performance of the centre, budget 2018-19, financial situation, matters that needed urgent attention and other matters regarding education.
Mohabat shed light upon the concept and features of the new series stating 'The refrigerators are equipped with #1 German SECOP compressors and 75mm thick insulation which enables the machine to save energy up to 35%.
As the healthcare expert in audit recovery and spend visibility, SpendMend has perfected the process of holistically analyzing complex spend data to help an organization shed light upon ubiquitous and pesky financial leakage.
The sessions will also shed light upon the specific formal and discursive features of subtitling, such as temporal and spatial constraints, timing,condensation, verbal and non-verbal cues, appropriate punctuation, positioning and segmentation.
The origin of the work "illustration" comes from Latin meaning to illuminate, to shed light upon, to make something clear.
The recent discoveries shed light upon China's ancient medical history and filled in some gaps about the emperor's governance, Zhang said.
Additionally, the council is also expected to shed light upon the issues faced by the SME sector on account of the new taxation scheme and issues related to the fixture of maximum retail price or MRP on various goods.
He shed light upon potential impact and contributions of renewable energy to Visions 2030 and shared best practices from various countries.
Molecular insights provided by FLT3 inhibitors have shed light upon the variety of mechanisms underlying the acquisition of resistance and have provided a rationale supporting the use of combination regimens with other emerging targeted therapies.
The museum mainly aims to shed light upon the history of Marsa Matruh and the strong role it has been playing in Egypt's ancient history.
His output includes a number of books that he has also written which share his concern and aim to shed light upon the lives and experiences of children and animals from other cultures both here and around the world.