shed light upon

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When she deemed that Ulysses had had both of his wife and of repose, she bade gold-enthroned Dawn rise out of Oceanus that she might shed light upon mankind.
Calkins shed light upon some of the struggles that entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry face in a conversation with Mike DiLaura, partner at Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan.
ONE issue that INEC has not shed light upon regarding its election server is the secret of the use of tablets like ipad called Z-pad which is the brand name of its manufacturer.
The in-depth keynote sessions, which included TikTok 101, Unlocking the TikTok Content Generation Factory, and TikTok Monetization Deep-Dive, shed light upon the app's immense potential in the Philippines and the rest of the region.
Yet perhaps the lesson here should not be to shed light upon the importance of accountability across the board, rather on how complicated and nuanced accountability can be.
Jakarta, Indonesia, May 08, 2019 --( YCP Solidiance, an Asia-focused strategy consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong, has published a white paper on "Top E-commerce Cities in Asia," aiming to shed light upon the significance of e-commerce landscape in Asia and how it has quickly adapted to global trends.
In addition to the economic challenges, the report shed light upon the fact that Egyptian publishing faces many challenges, including near inexistent distribution channels, relatively low literacy and reading rates, low purchasing power, piracy, and censorship.
Upon hearing this, the NAB prosecutor responded saying, 'A bail can only be granted in certain circumstances and the high court did not shed light upon any such circumstance.
"Are there any Loughborough Echo readers who can shed light upon this, for me, please?) "During the war, the old Labour Club building in Fennel Street was used as a British Restaurant (a non-profit Government run establishment) that provided meals at a reasonably priced alternative to the local commercial eating places.
"A thorough examination of the record also reveals that the trial justice gave ample consideration to events that occurred after the first trial that shed light upon defendant's 'life, health, habits, conduct, and mental and moral propensities.' ...
Existing research suggests that motivated teachers are more likely to make use of teaching practices which inspire and motivate students (ibid), yet there have been limited studies to date which have shed light upon the mechanisms of the relationship between teacher motivation and student learning.
Inaugurating the workshop, Jamali shed light upon the increasing number of challenges created by population growth.