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contortus is a helminth parasite of the abomasum of ruminants and, in particular, sheep and goats. It is the most economically important and pathogenic helminth parasite of small ruminants in the warm tropical and subtropical regions of the world [5, 8, 13, 16, 17].
and Hayat, B., "Prevalence and economics of haemonchosis in sheep and goats", Pak.
The Famacha(c) system for managing haemonchosis in sheep and goats by clinically identifying individual animals for treatment.
Cheesemakers are currently having problems meeting the milk ratio standards set by the government for the production of halloumi, saying there is a shortage of sheep and goat milk, which must make up at least 20 per cent of the milk used to make the cheese.
The overall age distribution data indicated higher proportion of breeding females (57.17%) of sheep and goats in the flocks.
Histopathological changes in the nasal passage of sheep and goats infested with Oestrus ovis (Diptera: Oestridae).
The worldwide rosters of both sheep and goats are made up primarily of closely related groups, with relatively few distinct species but often quite a few subspecies.
Prices for cattle will range from between TL 2,000 and TL 11,200 depending on weight, while the prices of sheep and goats will range from between TL 350 and TL 1,350.
The question remains whether the programme will increase the number of sheep and goats and thus the production of meat.
The precision was over 97% for all bones in both sheep and goats (Table 1) confirming the strong linear relationship between the metapodial lengths measured by the two methods.
Based on the Grenada Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries report on the number of sheep and goats inspected in Grenada [17], we estimated a population size of 3000 sheep and 2500 goats on these 2 islands at the time of our sampling.
Most of done observes and studies are based on detection of contamination to sheep and goats lungworms in Tabriz according to fecal experiments and abattoir assessments[8].