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SHEEP. A wether more than a year old. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 331, S. C.

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Eventually the truth came out and a sheepish Huxley said: "It was just a joke gone wrong and it's turned out to be quite embarrassing.
Griffiths was shopping for some breakfast items when the father of a sheepish 12-year-old boy approached and asked the off-duty actor to confirm that he was, in fact, Vernon Dursley.
There's certainly something sheepish about this special work of art.
David Renwick and Lyon Couchinho are now on hand in the Newcastle store to guide sheepish men through a maze of lacy and satin creations.
Marks & Spencer has launched a male lingerie advisory service at its Newcastle store ( to save the blushes of sheepish male shoppers.
Note that Murrow returned to the camera after McCarthy's revelations quite grim faced and sheepish, yet he never rebutted McCarthy's exposures about him whatsoever
He didn't even know what to say and walked away looking sheepish.
But who could have predicted that 21st-century New Yorkers would set the national standard for sheepish servility?
My sheepish assistant found it in the wadded-up surgical toweling.
Yes, and key lime juice for Mark, who makes excellent pie," I added quickly, hoping that my late admission did not sound nearly as sheepish as it felt.
Keep it clean, very clean," she says to David Prottas, as he hams up Abdallah the shoemaker's sheepish walk towards his partner.