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SHEEP. A wether more than a year old. 4 Car. & Payne, 216; 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 331, S. C.

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Certainly there are still some visible finished paper products, such as office copier paper and magazine printing stock (we must sheepishly admit), where recycled-content products must fight to offer an affordable, equivalent-quality product.
Three days after this quixotic program was initiated, Officer Rabi sheepishly admits that "not one weapon has been handed in.
7 percent of respondents sheepishly admitted they had taken no additional precautionary measures at all.
as election staff would sheepishly explain, "I don't know nothing.
Yet as we crept sheepishly away with our wooden spoon we were still resisting implementing the new regional structure that will create the intensity of play and quality of player we need to compete.
We were indeed asked at one stage not to wave our Union Jack flag and then within minutes sheepishly told that we could.
Sheepishly, they got up to see the bodyguards chuckling and explaining that they meant hit the elevator button.
One student in the back of the room sheepishly offers, "Five?
Police found the rail party, all members of the British Rail Golfers Federation, standing sheepishly in the car park.
Arsenal defender Lee Dixon exchanged blows with Boudewijn Zenden after a shocking tackle by the Barcelona winger, but referee Dermot Gallagher, trying to keep the spirit of the game, did not send off either player although Zenden was immediately substituted - shaking hands with Seaman and giving him a hug before sheepishly leaving the field.
Uncle Al stopped modern dancing, he admitted a little sheepishly, almost as soon as he met Aunt Reva, pushing instead to finish his engineering degree.
But when I later asked Samra which Colombian president had suffered the indignity, he sheepishly conceded that it had been a cabinet member in the administration of former president Ernesto Samper, although even then he did not offer a name.