sheer power

See: main force
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Perhaps it was the weight of his hand, perhaps his justice, perhaps the sheer power of him, and perhaps it was all these things that influenced White Fang; for a certain tie of attachment was forming between him and his surly lord.
As, blind and deaf, the whale plunged forward, as if by sheer power of speed to rid himself of the iron leech that had fastened to him; as we thus tore a white gash in the sea, on all sides menaced as we flew, by the crazed creatures to and fro rushing about us; our beset boat was like a ship mobbed by ice-isles in a tempest, and striving to steer through their complicated channels and straits, knowing not at what moment it may be locked in and crushed.
There's no arguing with the versatility and sheer power of the Archos 5, but it is quite bulky and somewhat pricey, making you ponder the logic of opting for this piece of kit as opposed to a rucksack friendly and cheaper net book such as the Eee PC.
But the sheer power of the chorus in the opening to Act 1 of Nabucco would more than convince that this was the right way to celebrate Verdi.
But Squillari, who has just two career titles to his name compared with 11 for Costa, blew his opponent off court with the sheer power and accuracy of his ground strokes.
But Digby was beaten by the sheer power of Taricco's effort.
Still, there's no denying the sheer power of the music.
He served 12 aces to Moya's two, but it wasn't sheer power that earned him the title.