sheer power

See: main force
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As, blind and deaf, the whale plunged forward, as if by sheer power of speed to rid himself of the iron leech that had fastened to him; as we thus tore a white gash in the sea, on all sides menaced as we flew, by the crazed creatures to and fro rushing about us; our beset boat was like a ship mobbed by ice-isles in a tempest, and striving to steer through their complicated channels and straits, knowing not at what moment it may be locked in and crushed.
This match proved no different in the early exchanges as Yorkshire's sheer power and bulk yielded two tries in the opening 12 minutes, both for their openside flanker Josh Bainbridge.
Idefy defy anyone who's read the opening paragraph not to lift their head from the page and marvel at the sheer power and clarity of the language.
This visual reflects the stark and sheer power of Nicole 's voice with an understated, yet captivating presentation.
Aughawillan had no answer to the sheer power of the Galway side who went on a scoring rampage after a close opening quarter.
A concert by the Argentina-born Olivera has been described as "An event, a happening, a joyful celebration of the sheer power and pressure that a true virtuoso like Hector Olivera can unleash in a concert hall.
And Ledley believes Pulis deserves to be named Manager of the Year for the sheer power of work he's put in since being appointed six months ago.
Any delivery on the leg side he punished with sheer power and timing.
But it can also be caused by the sheer power of torrential rain simply with nowhere to go on saturated ground and that's when it pours into homes and businesses.
For versatility and sheer power, the shotgun can't be beat.
You have me Dear Flower, no Warning was in place, To show the sheer power of your soft warming embrace.
As expected I will be performing a range of high speed manoeuvres that demonstrate the sheer power and agility of the aircraft.