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A ruthless king and uncaring nobility, obsessed with power and wealth, drove the peasantry into the sheerest poverty.
There was a fair bit of good-humoured competition as to who could roll the sheerest pasta, which we then rolled and sliced into silky tagliatelle, and shaped into spinach and ricotta filled tortellini.
Even a superficial exposure to the pertinent facts exposes the government's official line as the sheerest fairy tale.
Skin brightening agents like hydroquinone and fruit acids keep skin looking glowy; while concealers, foundations and blush that mimic the skin's natural texture like my Your Skin Makeup or my Sheerest Cream Blush in Beaming creates and natural flawless look that nobody will ever know is makeup.
It stays consistently matte yet still offers the sheerest of glows, it doesn't dry and it's so hard-working - perfect for really special occasions when you don't want to waste your time in the mirror.
For more than 60 years, Warren Miller Entertainment has been wowing filmgoers who crave the vicarious thrills of skiing and snowboarding the sheerest of slopes around the globe.
Tried and vigorously tested, Levante have produced the strongest and sheerest 5 Denier tights giving women one less wardrobe worry.
There was also a blood red jacket fitted over the sheerest of orange evening dresses - Julien revealed backstage he'd crafted it with parachute material he found on Portobello Road market.
He suggests this when he writes: "What alone tends to introduce a modicum of consistency and coordination into this picture, preventing a situation in which even the slightest degree of coordination could exist only as a matter of sheerest chance, is market entrepreneurship, inspired by the lure [of] pure market profit" (1973, p.
Whatever he said now was going to be the sheerest fabrication.
This scheme was met with opposition from industrialists, but survived the first years of innovation, by the sheerest accident.
08) THIS promises the sheerest of cover and just a subtle touch of colour, and I found it very light on my skin.