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Maija Kovalevska and Joseph Calleja (is there a more sheerly beautiful tenor voice around these days?
Legalistic real definitions are sheerly descriptive; they play a trivial and commonsensical role in advancing theories of criminal behavior.
The result is a poetry more capacious and polyvalent than either a sheerly personal "subjective poem" or a purely "reportorial" poem.
That seemed to be an easy decision to make, sheerly on the number of people using the service," he said.
Less dismissive but distinct from the cosmopolitan reader is Howells's unconstrained critic, whose removal from the setting allows her to play freely with enigmatic local place references, abstracting them as sheerly textual elements.
As for Oppenheimer's own political orientation, see him quoted by Sheerly Avni, "Filming the 'Killing' Fields: Joshua Oppenheimer on Making 'The Act of frilling.
The texts Fang addresses were all published in 1823-24, and this fact gives additional historical density to analyses whose breadth of reference might otherwise become too sheerly associative.
If I could penetrate far enough into that mystery I should perhaps finally reach what is sheerly real.
Of Karl Marx he noted, "the genius of the old scribbler was to see how often the sheerly irrational intruded upon the material and utilitarian world of our great-grandfathers.