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Come, begin again, with that famous `Monsieur Raoul' which figures at the top of the poor torn sheet.
Hilbery looked discomposed, and, in her trouble, took up the sheets which were lying upon the table, and began turning them over this way and that, and muttering to herself as she glanced:
Katharine took the sheets from her mother's hand and began shuffling them absent-mindedly together, for her fixed gaze seemed to show that her thoughts were intent upon some other matter.
Chailey handled the sheets as if she knew each by name, character, and constitution.
Chailey, turning from the subject of sheets, dismissing them entirely, clenched her fists on the top of them, and proclaimed, "And you couldn't ask a living creature to sit where I sit
Of course they'll sleep, but make them sleep on the halyards and sheets.
Yet when we bale our bowline and veer the sheet our lives will hang upon the breach remaining blocked.
Skinner furnished him with a double sheet of paper, and Mr.
32-54) When he had said this, he had mast and sail hoisted on the ship, and the wind filled the sail and the crew hauled taut the sheets on either side.
Paul Ford roused himself, came back from the far Western town, and adjusted the sheets of paper under his hand.
The sick man himself, washed and combed, lay in clean sheets on high raised pillows, in a clean night-shirt with a white collar about his astoundingly thin neck, and with a new expression of hope looked fixedly at Kitty.
Tulliver, I've put the sheets out for the best bed, and Kezia's got 'em hanging at the fire.