sheet of flame

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I had just pointed them out to Hartman, when a sheet of flame and smoke ran along that portion of the face of the building where the heads had appeared, and the air was shaken by the explosion.
They turned; and flashing forth, as it were, in a sheet of flame, the fiend worshippers were seen; the smile of welcome gleamed darkly on every visage.
During that stationary instant, it poured forth its contents, in a bright, glancing sheet of flame.
The fire was working aft along the deck from the seat of explosion, while the soaring tower of canvas on the mainmast went up and vanished in a sheet of flame.
When she returned Nichola opened the garage door to be met with a sheet of flame searing across the ceiling.
Suddenly there was a loud bang, a sheet of flame and a cloud of smoke, from which the science master eventually emerged with a blackened face.
There was a tremendous crash that shook the house, windows doors blew in, and a sheet of flame shot across the living room, followed clouds of soot, and then complete silence.
Carmen Amoo, 43, said: "I ran to the door and it seemed like the whole sky was just a sheet of flame.
We were thrown off our feet and I saw a gigantic sheet of flame, which shot round the compass platform.
Nine seconds before lift-off, the rocket's five engines ignited, sending a sheet of flame over the launch pad and about 20 acres of the surrounding marshland.
As we ate the sky turned black and a sheet of flame came down towards the town.