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According to the survey, almost a third of respondents do not apply product use rights to optimise their software use--resulting in significant shelfware problems.
Conduct a shelfware inventory: Companies should systematically assess all IT projects for business value and technology fit.
The topic is "Not Just Shelfware - Using Agile Techniques with IBM Rational ClearCase and IBM Rational ClearQuest.
We hear from customers often who find our approach to be a refreshing change from the traditional enterprise software model that often turns solutions to shelfware," said Lars Bjork, CEO of QlikTech.
If an event occurs and no one sees it, believes it, or takes action on it, APM's value can be severely diminished and you run the risk of owning shelfware," said Larry Dragich, Director Enterprise Application Services at The Auto Club Group.
Accepting a trade-off between process and solution capabilities means they could end up with expensive shelfware.
Simply put, shelfware is software that has been only marginally configured for use or software that is not used or needed at all and may even be sitting on a shelf in a storage room.
It provides the guaranteed-pricing benefits of a traditional Master Services Agreement (MSA) without the pain - hidden costs, escalating maintenance bills, lock-in, and shelfware.
IBM's new token and term licensing models provide instant flexibility, giving customers access to the right software at the right time during a project, without an abundance of shelfware or the hassle of a new PO or evaluation process.
RightNow's Safe Switch program gives agencies what they need to move to the cloud immediately: it meets stringent security requirements, provides high levels of application control, eliminates shelfware, and guarantees fast deployments and price matching.
The technology quickly delivers benefits, and as a result, is not likely to be rendered shelfware after a short period of usage.