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If they're not up to the task of implementing the processes and technology to optimise their software use--they likely will be wasting much of the efficiency gains software enables by creating shelfware bloat.
Conduct a shelfware inventory: Companies should systematically assess all IT projects for business value and technology fit.
Web conferencing seems to find increasing use in unexpected ways once it gets into an organization, in contrast to products that start off strong but later become shelfware because they are cumbersome or do not integrate well with a user's daily tasks.
If the cultural change management has not been successful, it is quite likely that your new CASE technology will degenerate into shelfware within a couple of years.
We hear from customers often who find our approach to be a refreshing change from the traditional enterprise software model that often turns solutions to shelfware," said Lars Bjork, CEO of QlikTech.
But they fall short of expectations due to problems with access and usability--creating an abundance of shelfware and leaving users helpless to unlock their full potential.
Accepting a trade-off between process and solution capabilities means they could end up with expensive shelfware.
The chances of it becoming shelfware are much less, I think, because it's so engaging, and tailored to your specific processes.
It provides the guaranteed-pricing benefits of a traditional Master Services Agreement (MSA) without the pain - hidden costs, escalating maintenance bills, lock-in, and shelfware.
Clearly, many portal projects still end up as shelfware, underutilized, or have only modest success.
RightNow's Safe Switch program gives agencies what they need to move to the cloud immediately: it meets stringent security requirements, provides high levels of application control, eliminates shelfware, and guarantees fast deployments and price matching.