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I was sitting some little distance away devouring shellfish, of which, by the way, I was becoming exceedingly tired.
The two before him, all ignorant of the near presence of that terrifying form, continued preoccupied in the search for shellfish, poking about in the mud with short sticks.
And so it went, verses new and old, verses without end, all in glorification of the succulent shellfish of Carmel.
Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin today issued an Administrative Order temporarily closing state waters to shellfish harvesting effective at sunset as a precaution due to expected heavy rainfall from a pair of weekend storms.
The evening of October 28 is a fantastic opportunity to gain deeper insight into the amazing and varied shellfish industry in Alaska's Southeast waters.
Recently when I ate shellfish in a restaurant I felt my tongue tingle and then I developed a swelling on my upper lip followed five minutes later with swelling of my eyelids.
ABSTRACT Harmful algal blooms cause serious problems to public health and the economic viability of shellfish industries in Alaska.
A guide to promote the huge variety of fish and shellfish available to consumers in the UK has been published by Seafish, the industry authority on seafood.
Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) is an acute gastrointestinal illness caused by consumption of bivalve mollusks that have accumulated okadaic acid (OA) or related dinophysistoxins through filter feeding.
PLANS for norovirus testing on shellfish have been put on hold by the EU - to the relief of mussel producers.
A key objective was to align the country's shellfish production with European Commission safety requirements, both to protect the health of consumers and to support the Albanian shellfish trade.
June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With their high quality protein and other essential nutrients, fish and shellfish are important parts of a healthful diet.