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Meaningful comparisons of the relative effectiveness of sheltered and supported employment are difficult to design and few studies are available.
Neither the traditional sheltered workshop nor the supported employment setting is, per se, a training opportunity.
This paper suggests that sheltered workshops can be altered to become more normalizing than the typical workshop of the 60s and 70s, yet still provide the structure and support required by the individual with disability.
Sheltered workshops can continue to offer opportunities for large numbers of people with disabilities, provided they are able to accommodate to concepts of realistic training and integration.
Whitehead (1986) suggested that most sheltered workshops will begin to shift their focus to transitional programming.
That is, responses by sheltered workshop administrators in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada may not accurately represent the response which would be provided by administrators in the remaining 47 states.
Mental retardation services in sheltered workshops and day activity programs: Consumer benefits and policy alternatives.