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The 50-day resistance of the besieged and shelterless people of Gaza .
Al Ain: The sizzling summer heat tests people's stamina in Al Ain when it comes to catching a bus or taking a taxi at the city's mostly shelterless bus and taxi stops.
Despite all this, the irony is that the house occupiers are people who had nothing to do with its construction, while the masses who toiled and sweated to put it up remain shelterless.
The capacity created by the DUSIB as on date can accommodate 12,400 shelterless people in the 132 night shelters located across Delhi.
I wish only that the weird six-inch seats, installed to discourage the shelterless, would be enlarged so that tired--or injured--travelers don't have to lean against the wall for twenty or thirty minutes like half-dead crows.
Ajmal Khan, a flood-affected person, along with his family, said he would observe the entire month of fasting as per previous routine, adding "No matter, the flood has made him homeless and shelterless, compelling to lead a miserable life as paying guest.
The policies to increase employment may not, at least in the short run; lead to increase in income growth rate, the policies to reduce the problem of shelterless may not be supportive of capital investment in the cities.
Central Valley Children's Services Network, Fresno Rescue Mission, Odd Fellow-Rebekah Children's Home of California, Cope Family Center, Westcoast Children's Clinic, Family Builders By Adoption, Fred Finch Youth Center (FFYC), Committee On The Shelterless, Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence, Mexican American Community Services Agency Inc.
To this very day many thousands of those dispossessed inhabitants still remain unbelievably rootless, shelterless in other lands, having been chased from their homes and homeland by the English who wanted their land.
Let life, waned, ah let life wind Off her once skeined stained veined variety | upon, all on two spools; part, pen, pack Now her all in two flocks, two folds--black, white; | right, wrong; reckon but, reck but, mind But these two; ware of a world where but these | two tell, each off the other; of a rack Where, selfwrung, selfstrung, sheathe- and shelterless, | thoughts against thoughts in groans grind.
I wouldn't wake up to a shrieking alarm clock every morning and get on a train to work if I didn't know the alternative was a shelterless, foodless and eventually breathless existence six feet under the ground.