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The counter, shelves, and floor had all been scoured, and the latter was overstrewn with fresh blue sand.
High pieces of furniture, of black violet ebony inlaid with brass, supported upon their wide shelves a great number of books uniformly bound.
And as I sat scrutinizing the laden shelves I presently saw how the thing was accomplished, and so simple was it that I wondered I had not guessed it before.
No use starting on a journey without food," he decided, searching upon the narrow shelves.
inquired Ojo, standing on a stool so he could look through all the shelves of the cupboard.
Here the wall was some fifty feet thick, and the sides of the passageway within the gate were covered with parallel shelves of masonry from bottom to top.
A search of the shelves of almost any public library will bring to light a book entitled, "A Naturalist Among the Head Hunters.
The high, bulging shelves of heavy tomes humbled him and at the same time stimulated him.
And from his shelves Waiter Merritt Emory began pulling down his authorities.
Upon its shelves rested pyramids of shimmering glasses that were never disturbed.
I looked along the lower rows of shelves, standing just near enough to them to read the titles on the backs of the volumes.
Stores, nor public buildings, nor all the dwellings of men ever opened their doors to me and let me warm by their fires or permitted me to eat the food of the gods from narrow shelves against the wall.