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When asked to explain in layman's terms how SARS can allow a business to conduct business without phone lines, Shelvers answered, "There are two parts of our system.
Shelver, who's in ARS's Animal Metabolism-Agricultural Chemicals Research Unit at Fargo, North Dakota, developed the new triclosan test in collaboration with Jennifer L.
Both methods are fast, easy to use, specific, and sensitive, and they give similar measurements, notes Shelver.
Now 54, Shelver is general manager of the barge line, which has been navigating Alaska waters since 1916.
We believe the actions we have taken over the past six months has improved our infrastructure, increased our efficiency, and left us well positioned to meet or exceed our revised financial projections for the coming fiscal years," Shelver stated.
Business on the Yukon is steady, pretty much the same since the company started up in 1916, says Shelver, trying to satisfy people "who don't want it tomorrow, they want it today.
SARS is continuing its aggressive schedule of presentations at industry trade shows, for which they've received "high marks on quality and features around the world," according to Shelver.
Larry Shelver, CEO of Geo Bio said today, "We are pleased to add El Gas North America and its General Manager, Mark Cangany, to our growing company.
We demand a mission-critical level of server reliability and speed for our corporate and government clients," said Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS Corp.
By providing hardware, software and our ongoing worldwide asset tracking services as an end-to-end solution, our broadened sales channel will be providing services not presently available from any other single provider," said Clayton Shelver, CEO of SARS Corp.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- Clayton Shelver, Chief Executive Officer of SARS Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: SARO) (http://www.