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Shelvers said that tank farm monitoring, engine monitoring, leak detection, equipment tracking and aircraft monitoring all can be accomplished using the SARS system.
When questioned about SARS effectiveness in Alaska, Shelvers responses were just as confident.
According to Clayton Shelver, vice president of Secure Asset Reporting Services Inc., his father started this Alaskan-owned and -operated business after becoming frustrated by the complexity, expense and perpetual delays encountered during the installation and implementation of a commercial asset management system.
SARS was formed to provide a reliable commercial service to any business or individual who wants to keep an eye on the status of their assets in a highly usable and portable format, said Shelver.
Hurt leaves open to speculation what forces would determine this ever-changing arrangement of materials, and one can easily imagine a dystopian scene, in which library administrators are called upon to referee among conflicting views of knowledge structures, and in which the stacks are in constant disarray as shelvers scurry madly to reposition materials.
She volunteered with the Simsbury Visiting Nurses Association and when she moved to Essex, Connecticut, in 1989, she scheduled the shelvers at the Essex Public Library and served on Council at Essex Meadows.
Meanwhile, "shelvers," the folks who return magazines that have been read on site, get a feel for what's getting read in-house and what's not.
* perception of library shelvers as the lowest in the library staff hierarchy
However there are a few things that could be done to make the life of shelvers easier and improve shelving times.
* install visual cues to help shelvers remember where in the library particular books and materials belong
* reinforcement of the value of shelvers to the library by senior library staff