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We found the lake deep and the bottom rocky and steeply shelving toward the center, and once when I moved straight out from shore to take other soundings we could find no bottom whatsoever.
Trent walked a few paces apart, and passed out of the garden to a low, shelving bank and looked downward where a sea of glass rippled on to the broad, firm sands.
He crossed Charles Street between jangling street cars and shelving lumber drays, and after a moment of uncertainty wound into Brimmer Street.
I look eagerly through the mist for some signs of a dwelling-house--and I see nothing but a little shelving beach, and a sheet of dark water beyond.
Sometimes its banks were high and steep, hung with slender ashes and birches; again they were mere, low margins, green with delicate mosses, shelving out of the wood.
Who does not remember the interest with which, when young, he looked at shelving rocks, or any approach to a cave?
Happily for my discretion, perhaps for my enjoyment during the remainder of the day, we were speedily summoned to the repast - a very respectable collation, which Rose, assisted by Miss Wilson and Eliza, who, having shared her seat in the carriage, had arrived with her a little before the rest, had set out upon an elevated platform overlooking the sea, and sheltered from the hot sun by a shelving rock and overhanging trees.
The ground, shelving away below me, was all sand, with a few little heathy hillocks to break the monotony of it in certain places.
Before I heard my brother fire the third shot I saw the shelving shore, and I saw the water again; the mouth of a broad river.
It was not, in appearance, so desirable a habitation as his old quarters: being a mean and badly-furnished apartment, of very limited size; lighted only by one small window in the shelving roof, and abutting on a close and dirty lane.
Also, don't just rely on side brackets to hold your shelving in place, or the wood will bow in the middle.
For InterMetro's Professionals' Choice line of wire shelving, this motto has worked like a charm.