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The dte (signture, moment, plce, gthering of singulr mrks) lwys opertes s shibboleth.
The word Shibboleth derives from an account in the Hebrew Bible, i.
The Shibboleth System is a standards based, open source software package, rapidly growing in popularity.
Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth is the first work to intervene directly in the fabric of the Turbine Hall.
So whenever you hear the shibboleth about Bush's subservience to the Israeli lobby, remember this truth: American military failure in Iraq would probably benefit Israel more than American success.
Given that the culture war continues, I doubt that neutrality will save her from the "witch hunts", to use her term, or allow her work to appear as objective--a shibboleth if ever there was one.
Shibboleth authentication is another example of a centralized service that will have a significant impact on libraries.
2 Valentino 3 Medicean 4 Shibboleth hd, 3 /4 l, 1 /2l June 20, 2000 3 and under, plater; 4-5, low-grade handicapper; 6-7, fair handicapper; 8-9, high-grade handicapper; 10-11, Group class; 12, Classic standard.
The new release has also advanced the Shibboleth authentication system, allowing researchers to gain remote access more easily.
Having said that, violation of what are loosely termed 'human rights' is increasingly widespread with the growth of terrorism and in western societies, with the unstoppable growth of government power in the name of 'security' or some other shibboleth.
But if "integrity" becomes--like "charisma"--just another shibboleth for directors focused more on the candidates' individual traits than on concrete skills, the quality of corporate leadership will not improve.