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Given these requirements the stabilized field volume should be over the full permalloy shielding (1.
By removing the sensitivity to board placement and eliminating the risk of circuit retuning, RFMD's self shielding technology accelerates time-to-market and reduces the costs of RF implementation in mobile devices.
Shielding Lotion, a revolutionary technological breakthrough in dry skin and eczema treatment, may be the answer scientists and eczema sufferers have been searching for.
Sentivist with Dynamic Shielding takes away the uncertainty of unauthorized network changes and provides a network environment that is aware, adaptive and actionable.
Dynamic Shielding Architecture will give our customers an added level of protection and peace of mind by offering real-time information and tools to monitor, tune and address network security threats immediately.
The new Boldt Metronics standard products, which are now available in a variety of configurations, combine high shielding performance and reliability with the lowest installed cost on the market.
Our continued growth also will be fueled by increases in both the number of products requiring EMI shielding and the pace at which these products are manufactured.