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Brimming with elegant shift dresses, pearls, corsages and amazing Alice bands and headwear, DP has captured the show down to a tee.
DRESS: Black is popular for Newcastle racegoers and Audrey Hepburn-style shift dresses are THE frock to be seen in.
This time, thanks to her latest movie role, she's pushed 60s fashion onto the high street and the result is shift dresses, platforms and opaque tights a go-go.
Gold dresses are the top choice from Fifties Hollywood glamour ballgowns through to tiny shift dresses and and mini lengths.
Thus, when youthful first lady Jacqueline Kennedy moved into the White House in 1961 with her spectacular array of shift dresses, matching coats and pillbox hats, Barbie emulated the female style-setter of the day.
His sleeveless little shift dresses were perfect for her well-toned body and he delighted in creating sensuous, body-moulding outfits.