shift the blame

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IN yesterday's Record, Scots Justice Secretary Michael Matheson was urged to take responsibility for Police Scotland mistakes after he tried to shift the blame on to the UK Government.
Iraqi soldiers, generals shift the blame for battlefield defeats A soldier blames poor leadership for the recent loss of Ramadi.
The Minister asked why with the consent of Imran, deliberate efforts were made to save the real killer and shift the blame on innocent persons?
Instead of laying the blame for the safety problems surrounding cycling on the poor design of Britain's roads, Councillor Skinner (Telegraph, November 25) tries to shift the blame onto the road users themselves.
Tom Foley's effort to shift the blame for this situation onto the shoulders of the workers and the governor is politics at its worst.
They justify themselves and shift the blame onto the other side," stated Albert Musliu, adding that the political crisis will be reflected in the autumn report of the European Commission.
I think that what this tells us is that a countries first action is denial,the second is to shift the blame.
It is alleged senior South Yorkshire officers tampered with evidence to shift the blame for the 1989 tragedy on to the Liverpool fans.
According to the Mirror, Moyes is looking to shift the blame away from him self and says that he players need to eliminate the fear-factor.
SIR John Hall has been accused of trying to shift the blame for North East unemployment onto the region's council leaders.
But when the actress kills her own assistant in error, she looks for a way to shift the blame.
He started playing with the cards and he said: 'It was quite easy, I just had to shift the blame on to Tom'.