shift the blame

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Council tax is now going up in many areas because the Conservative government starved authorities of resources yet some right-wing Ministers still attempt to shift the blame.
SMMT is trying shift the blame for the industrys failure to tackle carbon emissions from cars.
I know many local residents who are not impressed when they see SNP councillors trying to shift the blame onto the previous administration.
Commenting on Donald Trumps' recent Tweet, he said, US President must not shift the blame of their defeat in Afghanistan to Pakistan.
According to the video, traits such as lying and lack of empathy are often used by psychopathic individuals to help shift the blame and not take responsibility for their actions.
The tycoon at first sought to shift the blame for his decision to sell BHS for PS1 in 2015 to Retail Acquisitions Ltd (RAL), a consortium headed by Dominic Chappell, a former bankrupt with no retail experience.
He said: "This is an attempt to shift the blame for cuts back to the Government.
The verdicts from the original inquests were quashed after the 2012 damning report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel which concluded there was a cover-up that tried to shift the blame for the tragedy on to its victims.
IN yesterday's Record, Scots Justice Secretary Michael Matheson was urged to take responsibility for Police Scotland mistakes after he tried to shift the blame on to the UK Government.
Iraqi soldiers, generals shift the blame for battlefield defeats A soldier blames poor leadership for the recent loss of Ramadi.
The Minister asked why with the consent of Imran, deliberate efforts were made to save the real killer and shift the blame on innocent persons?