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While American Jews continue to support Israel, many view with suspicion the shift to the Right not only in Israel, but in the US itself.
Mirroring several states across the country, Kentucky politics has seen a significant shift to the right.
London-born Abbott's triumph signals a shift to the right in Australian politics.
Japan's apparent shift to the right under the leadership of Abe, who is pushing to revise the pacifist Constitution to enhance the country's defense capabilities, has unnerved its neighbors.
The warning comes as their relations with Japan have again come under strain over the perceived shift to the right in Japanese politics under Abe's leadership, as well as their territorial disputes with Japan.
Nationalists pointed out that a shift to the right by Cameron to win back disaffected Tories could convince Scots voters to go their own way.
Education Secretary Michael Gove echoed his leader's comments, insisting that the party would not be blown off course by its defeat and would resist backbench calls for a shift to the right on issues like immigration and gay marriage.
He cited the Republican Party's shift to the right on a range of issues, including immigration, education and the environment.
NBC News, CNN and Fox News projected a win for Governor Scott Walker, in an election seen as a referendum on the Republican party s shift to the right, and a window on voter sentiment ahead of November s presidential contest.
Shift to the right and the fertile ground of the centre?
Pinera's election marks a shift to the right in Latin America where a generation of center-left and socialist leaders are in power.
Anderson traces changes in party discourse on social policy, though she does not provide a class analysis of why those endorsing a shift to the right gradually gained ground.