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Therefore, while a shorter phase shifter may be obtained if the operating frequency is [DELTA]f, the phase shifter may be also used for dual-band applications, at the frequencies pair [f.
The new CELAC initiative, which President Chavez touts as a renewal of Simon Bolivar's dream for Latin American unity, points to a growing sense of regionalism and some distancing from the US in the last decade, Shifter said--but not to widespread anti-Americanism.
Compensation techniques were introduced to improve the return loss and insertion loss of the Schiffman phase shifter [6].
The choice of operating frequency for H-tunable phase shifter is determined by combination of low insertion loss, large phase shift, and low SWR.
14 handles along the outside of the shifter that are ergonomically correct for caretakers to transfer with less strain.
Or will Sydney's arousing scent as a newly turned Moon Shifter in season, lead her into the embrace of another?
As the design of the GX3 began taking shape, attention shifted to the shifter knob.
Modulating the total phase by means of the phase shifter enables one to extract both modulus and sign of [DELTA][[phi].
All of these features make the installation of a Kaup side shifter an attractive alternative to the standard competitors unit.
Each Shape Shifter suit comes with compression ties to contain the loose strips.
Hoy el abogado treintanero (defeno) Raul Arzate aguzo su aficion al grado de participar en carreras de shifter karts, unos carritos mas potentes que los go karts, capaces de alcanzar 110 kilometros por hora y que llaman la atencion hasta de pilotos profesionales como Adrian Fernandez, quien suele entrenar con uno de esos autitos.
Finish it," Ed would tell me anytime I started into the lines about the shifter cars.