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Nor can it be said that Empson truly fathoms Donne's attitudes to sex, which, even if they might be encapsulated in his preferred version of the lines in Elegy XIX (`There is no pennance due to innocence'), in other places, are far shiftier, less innocent, than he implies.
Outside my taxi window it's getting more frightening; towns are getting shantier, people are looking shiftier and I know those machetes are getting sharper.
Supermassive black holes are shiftier beasts than astronomers suspected.
An opening section on the shiftier term "fellow" and its exclusively theatrical usages, for example, provides a much-needed check to critics who take friendship as the epitome of professional relations, and "gentleness" as its ideological telos.
In the Pac-10 we have smaller guys who are quicker and shiftier.
As he said it the BBC camera honed in on Jack Straw looking shiftier than a suicide bomber in a passport queue.
A slimmed-down Whitehead seems shiftier this fall, while Vincent hasn't shown as much of the flash that made him stand out on the scout team last season.
Coach George Giannini said Sonkur has more speed than Smith, but Smith was shiftier.
It's not that the beleaguered transport minister doesn't look shiftier than a Crimewatch UK photofit, it's that nowadays they all do.
Carl's a little shiftier and Emory's more explosive.
But two quality dramas were enriched by the superb performances of a pair of veteran soap stars - Roy Barraclough (Coronation Street's Alec Gilroy), shiftier and smarmier than ever as the creepy, pervy Dr Simms in The Mrs Bradley Mysteries (Sunday, BBC1).