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Shiftier AK, Jolley VD, Christopherson JE, Webb BL, Farrer DC, Haby VA (2005) Pressurized hot water and DTPA-sorbitol as viable alternatives for soil boron extraction.
The product now has the capability of accessing a more comprehensive library of consumer behaviors and attitudes using syndicated resources such as Mediamark Research and Intelligence LLC, Scarborough Research and DK Shiftier and Associates.
HE can't help the way he looks but the McCanns' new PR boss, Clarence Mitchell, looks shiftier than your average car salesman.
Recent critics have amply demonstrated how English perceptions of and experiences with the Ottoman world or the "East" were shiftier and far more variable than this static stereotype of the "cruel despot" allows.
When the Catholic protesters upended wheelbarrows full of dirt in the midst of the flag-waving crowd, scuffling broke out followed by gunfire in which a young Protestant man, George Shiftier, was killed.
Mouthy, pushy Cockney wide-boys, looking shiftier than a fox with a guilty conscience under their obligatory baseball caps.
My viewpoint is made more complicated by my being here, and my response to poetic language is shiftier.
Fallon couldn't have looked or sounded shiftier if he'd tried when he popped up on ITV News on Tuesday night, and his assertion that "it would be impossible to fix a race" was as risible as it was tactically ill-advised.
Of their running backs, the heftier Antowain Smith usually features more on sludgy home fields, while the shiftier Kevin Faulk has been utilised more on artificial pitches.
Beneath the poete maudit of legend, Robb discloses another, far shiftier, far more human, character: not at all the "angelheaded hipster" whom the Beats idolized but a wary, shy, often eager-to-please adolescent, touchingly enthused to squire his mother and sister around London on a two-week sightseeing tour.